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 How do you know that it was the last warm day until there are no longer any warm days? I remember lying in the grass with Margo, that blissful hot afternoon only weeks ago, being gawked at by old Korean ladies for lying in a park under the sun for hours and hours. 

Roasting like walnuts. 


Margo the Walnut. Seoul 2018

The weather has taken a different turn, and it’s not all bad. For one, the air is always fresh. It smells familiar,  like New Hampshire and the night walks with my parents when I was in elementary school, it smells like things are changing. 

Been eating a lot of hot oatmeal with apples and ghee and cinnamon. This weather creates a deep longing for warmth. I still remember that remarkably lonely winter when the cold felt bitter and unbearable. 

seoul in art_6.jpg
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