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Hi, I'm Shani

I like to live out of a suitcase and make up life as it goes. I graduated in 2021 with a degree in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics. I've worked at a VC in Tokyo, a Buddhist Monastery in Northern India, a climate start-up in San Francisco, and an English Institute in the Colombian Andes. Currently, I am painting love in different forms and so far, it's been the best job I've had.


Where are you based, and are you willing to travel for a wedding or an event?

I'm usually based in San Francisco, although in 2023 I'll be in Mexico and Asia for the first half of the year. I am open to international bookings. 

How much does a wedding painting cost?

Depending on duration, weddings cost between $1200 - $1600. Live-event paintings are priced similarly. Corporate events cost more. Sometimes I take on special projects with companies with a flat rate of $100/hr. If price is a barrier, please let me know. Accessibility is important to me, and I'd still love to hear from you.  

What do you need for live-event painting

Good lighting and a seat. I bring all the supplies, but I need a place to sit and observe what is around me. I have painted in cramped bars with low lighting before. It works, but ideally, there is reliable light source.

I have an idea for a project that I'd like your help in. Can I reach out? 

Always, yes.


If you have a whisper of an idea, please reach out.
I'd love to hear from you. 

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